Not getting how to report / display two pieces of data from Cloudwatch

What I’ve got:
putting this into cloudwatch:

        'MetricName': 'ConnectionState',
        'Dimensions': [
                'Name': 'ConnectionId',
                'Value': iid
                'Name': 'ConnectionName',
                'Value': name
        'Value': state,
        'Unit': 'None'

and trying to reference it like this:

gives me titles like this:

So for a given Panel, referring to a given object, I’d like the title to include both the ConnectionID and the ConnectionName, but instead it’s correctly rendering the ‘ConnectionID’ for each panel, and just including the text of whatever’s selected in the dropdown for all panels.

What am I missing?

This is working as intended. ConnectionName should mirror what is chosen in the drop down. The reason connectionId works is that you have chosen it as the variable for Repeat Panel.

As you can only choose one variable to repeat on, I don’t think you can do what you want to :frowning:

yeah, in the meantime I gave up on that approach and modified the code
generating the metrics to compose the label ahead of time store the metrics
under that. It’s not ideal, but works for our purposes.