Number of datasources limited to 1000

I have a lot of InfluxDB databases and their number is increasing steadily. After some time, I realized that Grafana cannot find some of the datasources I added via the HTTP API. The responses while adding them are always positive. But when you list the datasources in Grafana, the newest ones are not available.

When I retrieve http://server:3000/api/datasources I get exactly 1000 datasources back. Since I know how the datasources are named, I checked the whole range with http://server:3000/api/datasources/name/ and counted the positive responses. It returns 2453 available datasources.

I tried playing around with chunked responses to really get all data via the HTTP API but the API still returns only 1000. I wouldn’t care when they are not listed in the datasource view of Grafana, but also all newer dashboards display no data because ‘it cannot find the datasource’ although it is in Grafana’s databases according to my test.

I’m using Grafana v4.1.2 with InfluxDB 1.2.1 datasources.

Yes, there is a imit of 1000 right now