Ordering of SimpleJson queries

Hi, I’m running Grafana 5.2.4 with SimpleJson 1.4.0 and I have setup 4 variables on a dashboard, all configured as SimpleJson queries to the /search endpoint. The return value of one query is used as an input to the next. My problem is that I don’t seem to be able to control the execution order of the queries so that very often, a query is run before the response of another is available to pass as a parameter to it. Some observations:

  1. I tried playing with the relative ordering of the variables on the Variables page of the dashboard. I couldn’t find any documentation to describe why the order can be changed - I’m assuming it is for the very purpose of sequencing the queries, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference for me. Looking at my debug trace, I often see the queries being executed in a different order or not at all, and if a dependent query has not run, the query that depended on it, when it runs, passes up the value of the parameter literally as “$variableName” rather than the resut of executing $variableName as a simpleJson query

  2. For triggering the query, I tried setting the query refresh to be on dashboard load (1) or time range change (2) but this doesn’t help. I thought that queries should be executed automatically if a dependent query was run but that doesn’t seem to be happening for me. Is there a mechanism to declare a dependence that I’m missing?

Many thanks