PC / RPi for powering Grafana wall TVs

we are thinking of getting a few big screen TVs for showing different Grafana dashboards in a few offices.
I did some quick testing with RPi and play.grafana.org, but those dashboards are quite simple compared to ours and RPi wasn’t the fastest thing:)
What are you guys using to power those TVs? RPis? Intel Nuc?

As you say. RPI will work fine for simple dashboards. But if you want fast loading and a bit more complex dashboards I think Intel NUC is the way to go. I tried both and I strongly recommend Intel NUC. All thou its a little bit more expensive :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. I also think NUC will be a better choise.

What version of NUC do you have? Is Celeron version strong enough, or should I go with i3/i5?

I’m using an i3 but I think a celeron might be enough.

I’m thinking of the latest NUC celeron, which has 4 cores. Will need to do some testing though.

I did find this nice piece of software: https://dashkiosk.readthedocs.io/en/latest/