Persistency of links in dashboards and drill-down links in panels

There is a nice grafana feature to add links referencing other dashboards and panels.
Great way to drill down and simplify navigation.

Unfortunately dashboard link url is constructed of transliterated dashboard name(title), so whenever referenced dashboard name changes those links get broken. In long term (future) it can also make multi-language titles implementation more difficult.

Is there a way to make such links more persistent? For example, using dashboard/panel id instead of dashboard name? Is dashboard_id+panel_id combo unique within one grafana instance?

Of course, this would make dashboard urls less user-friendly.
One possible alternative could be to use some regexp for dashboard selection, so that user can include unique (and stable) custom_id substring in dashboard name and use it in url references.


This is a big problem we need to solve. Thanks for raising this, it has fallen off our radar for a while and was surprised that there was no open feature request for this that I could find so I opened a new issue for it:

I cannot give you an ETA for when this could be implemented, but hopefully this year.