Problem using external data source with infinity plugin

I using grafana cloud with infinity plugin, My data store in external source (
I using API to get data and succes

dashboard 2
, but it is only can view latest data
how to save this data ? because i need to make a graphic

Hi @fakihaidar!

The Infinity plugin is retrieving your Point-in-Time data from the API data source, based on the calls you configure.

For saving historic data, the query results would need to be saved in one of these supported data sources that would allow you to query older data. There are more data source options on the plugins page as well, just note that there are different types of plugins such as panel or data source, and different types of data sources such as frontend and backend.

There is a feature called Recorded Queries that can be used with the Infinity Plugin to create a time series from the query output, but note this is only available for Grafana Cloud Pro and Pro trials.