Profiling Grafana Server


When troubleshooting backend issues with Grafana, then Go’s profiling tools can be turned on by starting the grafana-server binary with the -profile flag:

grafana-server -profile 

There is an optional -profile-port flag if you need to bind to another port other than the default 6060 port for net/http/pprof.


net/http/pprof is a library for profiling live Go applications and exposing the profiling data via HTTP. When profiling is turned on, then a new endpoint is exposed at port 6060.

An example - collecting a block profile:

 go tool pprof --svg bin/grafana-server http://localhost:6060/debug/pprof/block > blocking.svg

Go Trace

A trace.out file is generated while running Grafana. This trace can be analyzed by running:

go tool trace trace.out

More reading on pprof and trace: