Query esmond/perfSONAR datas

Hello there,

I wanna query some datas from here and show them in a grafana time-series graph. How I use the Simple JSON Datasource to do that? Or how here say using Graphite? I’m created my own plugin, based on the example app plugin. One example is if I wanna show the data “http://monipe-maesmond.rnp.br/esmond/perfsonar/archive/ff1ec5b59a194eea8e5ea5313f020508/throughput/averages/3600” in a grafana time-serie graph.

sounds like plan, good luck :slight_smile:

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Did you recommend I model my datas in a simple json format or using graphite to do that?

You can use any datasource, you just need to collect the data you want and store it in any of the supported time series databases

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Have you done it? I would be interested in the result…