Rename Table Column Headers, Possible?

We’re using the table panel to display the number of ticket counts from our ticketing system organized by ticket severity. Ticket data is stored in InfluxDB and the Severity itself is denoted by the “type_instance” field, this generates a table that looks similar to this:

The problem is, we’d like to rename the “type_instance” column to simply “Severity” or something more human-friendly. I see where you can do this pretty easily using some of the other data sources, but I can’t figure out how to do this in InfluxDB. Any tips?



Also, here is my InfluxDB query if that helps. There isn’t any way, at least that I can find, to alias the column in the GROUP BY clause, which is where my problem stems from:

SELECT min("value") AS "Min", max("value") AS "Max", last("value") AS "Current" FROM "postgresql_value" WHERE "host" = 'TICKET-DB-01' AND "instance" = 'ticketdb' AND "type_instance" != 'open_tickets' AND $timeFilter GROUP BY "type_instance"
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You are returning the query as table data? Doesn’t seem possible right now unfortunately:

Sadly there is no way in InfluxDB group by to change the name of the returned tag key. And there is no rename built into the table panel.

This feature has been added to the upcoming 4.3.0 release: