[Resolve] Grafana - InfluxDB : "InfluxDB Error: undefined"

I have an issue, the data from influxDB are not any more display in Grafana.
Previously all was working well, but stop working during my absence.
Grafana and influxDB are install on the same server (Windows)
The data source is working:

Next when I go back on the dashboard some board display some information and other no:

and after a refresh, all display nothing:

Did some one meet this issue?

Can you show the errors that you are getting, please.

One way to do that is to open the Chrome Developer Tools and examine the network call on the network tab. Here is a guide on how to do that.

You can also click on the red error indicator in the top left corner and to open the inspector see if the error is there:

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Thank, I dind’t think to check the console: the GET requests have the status 403 forbidden.

After investigation, it’s the WatchGuard Firewall which bloc the request, he detect an SQL injection.

When I try to open grafana dashboard on the server where he is install, no problem, the data are correctly display, and when I did it from a random computer from the firm the WatchGuard bloc the request.

Did you have an advice how to configure the WatchGuard? Did open it will affect the security?

Sorry, I have never heard of WatchGuard so I can’t give you any advice there.