Salesforce dashboards

Hi there,
has anyone ever created any salesforce dashboards before with grafana? we currently use a python script to pull data from our current ticketing system but are exploring SFDC and i’d like to know how easy/hard its going to be to get the data from SFDC into grafana.


You can use the Simple JSON datasource and build an abstraction api over SFDC that the Simple JSON datasource can communicate with.


Did you ever get this working? I’m really struggling to get the authentication/sessions setup and working from the grafana end


Can you provide me any references of how this can be done. Here, we are having multiple Salesforce orgs and need to fetch data from it through APIs and display it in Grafana dashboard.

If you got any idea regarding how session/authentication would be set up at Grafana end, that would be great then!


The best way to perform an in-depth analysis of Salesforce data with Grafana is to load Salesforce data to a database or cloud data warehouse, and then connect Grafana to this database and analyze data. Skyvia tool can easily load Salesforce data (including accounts, opportunities, leads, contacts, etc. ) to a database or a cloud data warehouse of your choice.