Sending Grafana internal metrics to Influxdb

Hi all,

There is option in the grafana.ini file to send the grafana internal metrics to Graphite.

# Send internal metrics to Graphite
# Enable by setting the address setting (ex localhost:2003)
;address =
;prefix = prod.grafana.%(instance_name)s.

And what does this do(written below, noot above) ? I mean if it is enabled, how can I see these metrics ?

# Disable / Enable internal metrics
;enabled = true

# Publish interval
;interval_seconds = 10

Can we send these metrics to influxdb ?

Here is an example dashboard for some of the metrics you can get:

There is no implementation for InfluxDB yet.

But you can scrape metrics of the http endpoint

Any news here? Are there plans to support to send internal metrics to influxdb?

Influx support graphite format

Thanks for your hint.