Setup question - PictureIt plugin

Hi there,

I’m trying to set my metrics in PictureIt - Plugin, but I cant get it to work.
only with Randomwalk it works.

some information about my Metrics:
I’m Using Influxdb

Timestamp is in nanoseconds.
Display value is Temperature as float

what is different in randomwalk?

It is not very obvious from the docs but the value in the Metrics field:


has to match the label/tag/metric from your query. In this case I have a query that returns a metric named def.

Dear Danielee,

First of all, thanks for your help.

I’ve some information for people searching for help:

  1. The URL for picture file, should be placed in the “grafana user” directory, for instance, in Ubuntu it’s /usr/share/grafana.
    And a good place is /usr/share/grafana/public/img/your_picture.png, and use “/public/img/your_picture.png” for the “Picture URL” field.

Second, I didn’t understand how to “select” the value to display…
For instance, my search is something like:

Should I use “tcp_bits_per_second” as the value for the “metric” field?


Ok, Done.

So sorry, you can just use “ALIAS BY” to set up a name… and then use it in the “Metric” field:

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