Show GB downloaded over time and as average

I have both a SingleStat and Graph showing the amount of data received in bytes, from a Graphite database.


How do I add 2 panels which show this calculated as an average per day, and also as ‘in the last 24 hours’?



Use the “Override relative time” on the “Time Range” tab of the panel configuration. Both panels would have the same metrics, and then each would have a different time range.

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You can also use the Graphite timeShift function.

Examples of time range overrides:

Thanks, that worked… once I changed the SingleStat > Options > Value > Stat = range Unit = bytes :slight_smile:

Thanks, that helped! Well, I had 2 browser tabs open and was going back and forth finding the magic combination. Slightly different on mine but seems to work and appears to be correct… 11Mb in the last hour (no-one’s at home) and 11Gb in the last 24 hours.

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