Show SQL results in custom HTML table


I am new to Grafana and cannot find an answer on how to properly do this.

I have a variable called ComputerInfo that runs a MS SQL query like this(example):

    SELECT ResourceID, Name, OS, Domain, User FROM ComputerInfo WHERE ResourceID = $ResID

$ResID gets populated from a dropdown field I have on the dashboard and all that works great.

The Preview of values also shows the correct information on the Variables editor.

On the report, I have a TEXT field with a custom HTML table.

How would I use the data returned by the SQL query to arrange the data how I want to show it in my custom table. I just cant figure out how to get the OS or Domain from $ComputerInfo.

I was testing different forms of ComputerInfo.OS and {ComputerInfo.OS} but I cannot seem to get it.

Any help is much appreciated.

Update to my post.

It does not give me 100% control over how the table looks but it works for what I was trying to do with the Text Panel.

I added a Table Panel with the data/query I wanted. Then I added a Reduce transform to show the data going down instead of across.