Showing location on world map

We are using a TAS datasource(custom one) in Grafana, response from this datasource contains a field location. Can anyone let us know how to plot this location on Grafana world map Panel

Sample Response:

“vertices”: [
“id”: 92255,
“externalId”: “SA:811DAB6C-AFC8-4BF8-AE1E-70309A38A3D7:sesud01-service1”,
“attributes”: {
“createTimestamp”: 1572019180099,
“customProperties”: [
“name”: “Test1”,
“value”: “v1”
“description”: “”,
“location”: “INDIA”,
“name”: “sesud01-service1”,
“root_service”: [
“serviceContent”: [],
“state”: “ACTIVE”,
“tags”: [
“timestamp”: 1572019180099,
“type”: “saService”
“attributesType”: {
“createTimestamp”: “GATHERED”,
“customProperties”: “GATHERED”,
“description”: “GATHERED”,
“location”: “GATHERED”,
“name”: “GATHERED”,
“root_service”: “GATHERED”,
“serviceContent”: “GATHERED”,
“state”: “GATHERED”,
“tags”: “GATHERED”,
“timestamp”: “GATHERED”,
“type”: “GATHERED”
“startTime”: 1572019180107,
“endTime”: 1580304223514

Dear Vijay,

Do you mean location information like these?

With kind regards,

Yes, the location column is part of JSON response and I need to map this column key to be picked for location information.

Where Can it be done.

Vijaya Kumar

You will have to provide a JSON resource containing location information like the original countries.json, essentially mapping your individual location labels to coordinates.

Also the data type should be geo_point else Grafana does not plot it

“location”: {
“type”: “geo_point”