Singlestat enhancement - threshold display

In response to a customer request, I’ve enhanced the singlestat panel to display the upper and lower thresholds and optionally animate (i.e. throb) the value when the current value is outside these limits. Would anyone be interested in using and/or furthering these enhancements? If so - how would the project maintainers like to proceed?

Only 3 files needed to be changed:

  • public/app/plugins/panel/singlestat/editor.html
  • public/app/plugins/panel/singlestat/module.ts
  • public/sass/components/_panel_singlestat.scss

Having worked through the process, I’m thinking about turning this into a tutorial (having someone do a code review first would be a big plus)

[update - I’ve just posted and documented this as a pull request. No need to handle this twice]

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best thing is to make it into a new external plugin. We will likely want to keep the singlestat panel simple and not cater to very scenario.