Solarwinds Custom Pollers

We have UPS Rectifiers where we pull data using custom pollers in Solarwinds, how can we pull this data in Grafana using SDK, thank you in advance.

Grafana does not “pull data.”

Grafana is a visualisation tool for data held in a back-end data store.

See for a
summary of the various back-end data stores which Grafana supports.

You therefore need to find a way to get your UPS data into one of those data
stores, and once you have that, Grafana will be able to show you the analyses
you want from it.

How to get the UPS data into a data store is not a Grafana question, though,
so you may get batter answers to your question by asking on a list or forum
specialising in:

  • the type of UPS you’re getting the data from
  • Solarwinds (if you want to continue using this as a middleware layer)
  • whichever back-end data store from the above link which you feel most
    familiar with, or which seems best to fit your needs.

Grafana is a data visualisation tool; it is not a data collection tool.

I hope that helps to clarify things,