Split one field in two columns


I want to use the Table panel to display some information coming from an InfluxDB.

In a previous topic, I tried to merge information from two metrics in one table. However, that didn’t seem to be possible.

I’m trying a different approach now.

I can merge the information in one table before I save to Influx DB, I could use a separator (e.g. “;”).
Records would display something like:

Would it be possible to split these records back in to separated columns based on the separator?

Thanks a lot!


no InfluxDB does not have a split operation in it’s query language, and table panel has no such feature

It would be great to get a Transform that does this! I need it as well.

I have a list in an elasticsearch datasource, and at the moment it’s showing in the table as a single row with values comma delimited.
I would love to split those out into a list!

Alternatively, create a text/html panel where the query value is passed into the panel as a parameter and the panel can do with it what it wants with javascript or something.