Splunk plugin streaming mode issues accessing through nginx


I am accessing the grafana through nginx and i have enabled the streaming mode in splunk datasource. when i access the grafana directly , the data are appearing fast because of nice streaming mode option.

When i access grafana through nginx and i face very slow. Do i need to enable streaming mode in nginx? can some one let me know some idea on how to implement it on nginx?

Hi! We improved stream mode for Splunk in the latest release. It should be available in next few days. So, try to upgrade and let me know about performance.

Hi Alexanderzobnin,

Is the release to support for accessing grafana through nginx proxy ?

Hi ,

Its fine now compare with before. But needs to improve performance while accessing with nginx.

I would like to clarify with you, to access grafana through nginx ? do i need to do any configuration for stream mode in nginx ?

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Did you try latest release (1.0.0-rc.2)? Not sure what exactly you mean under accessing Grafana through the nginx. But if you can access grafana, you also should be able to use stream mode, because now it works through Grafana backend.

May i know the changes updated in this release ?

Now in stream mode plugin request data through grafana backend as in the regular mode (until you change it to direct). Stream mode now looks very similar to Splunk web UI behaviour. It creates search job and checks it periodically for status and result preview.

Thank you :slight_smile: