SQL Performance monitoring

HI…I am new to grafana and telegraf.
In my project there is already a grafana dashboard in place.I went through the intro docs in grafana and telegraf and InfluxDB.I have a a decent understanding of the working now.
So my task is to refine the dashboard to show meaning full info about the sql server performance.
So i checked the telegraf sql plugin page in github.There it says how to install and configure for SQL server.
My question is already all those performance matrics are displaying in the current dashboard. Is there any more metrics to be shown.
I am new to Go coding.I know Sql ,so if i want to add anymore metric or remove some how feasible it is for me?

Are there metrics that you are missing and want to add? Then you could open an issue on the sql server plugin for Telegraf. Also keep an eye on this issue: https://community.influxdata.com/t/custom-sql-on-influxdb-telegraf/2511