Stacked graph with percent


I have a problem with one graph that sometimes get messed up


This is only when both stacked and percent is used at the same time, only stacked works fine.
And if you see the current value it is correct.

Any ideas on what can cause this?

What value do you have for Stacked value:


the stacked value is set to individual

Any more details that you can provide? I’m not seeing this problem locally.

What does the query response look like when the stacking looks incorrect:


Have not seen any data errors, running 4.4 but i’ll test 4.5 with the query inspector until next time it is shown incorrect.

One thing i can clarify though i think is that when this happens and i uncheck percent the stacked graph is shown correct even over the time that is incorrect with percent, i guess that should mean data is correct.

Incorrect view start at 12:45:25 and end at 13:08:56
2017-10-02 13_18_28-Grafana - E-handel

Same graph but without percent
2017-10-02 13_20_17-Grafana - E-handel

query was to big for body:

Just talked to Torkel about this and apparently stacking with percent is a bit buggy:

Basically, you are better off doing it in your query with Graphite in this case. There is an asPercent function which should work for you.

Looked at those posts when i searched but did not think they were the same issue.
I will look into Graphite, still very new to Grafana so much to learn.

Thanks for the help.