Subquery to get server from somewhere else

i would like to get the metric of the disk/cpu from a server coming from my_table
is that possible ?
I try that

SELECT mean("value") FROM "disk" WHERE ("host" = 
       SELECT mean("server") FROM "my_table" WHERE ("instance" =~ /^$env$/)
AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval) fill(null)

but got error parsing query “found SELECT, expected identifier, string number …”

No, InfluxDB subquery doesn’t work like SQL subquery.

Can we mimic the SQL subquery ?

for example in a dashboard I display severals “singlestat” for displaying my own data. Among those data I know the server name, and, in the same dashboard i’d like to add a singlestat that use this server to display the physical stats (cpu/ram/disk etc)

this explain why I tried a subquery.

SELECT "free" from disk where host = (SELECT last("server") FROM "my_data" ... and now - time() -6)

i don’t see the benefit of that in that case.
I already use that feature but it’s not the right use case I think or if you could elaborate your answer I could see what you think.