Synthetic Monitoring http Origin header

For http probes, the following headers are valid and should be accepted:
Origin :
Origin: (FAILS)
Origin: (FAILS)

It seems to choke on the : (colon) character. All examples I see in the documentation are using the first option, but the other two are valid. Is there are workaround to this?

Hi @potatojohn! If you haven’t done so already, I recommend opening a ticket with our Support team to troubleshoot further. I did some quick testing and did not see any issues when specifying the port, and did not see any open issues that seemed related in the Synthetic Monitoring repo, so I’d like to get some additional info to see what might be happening. You can link this forum thread in the support ticket for context!

Hi Melody,
I have opened a ticket and referenced this topic and gave access to my grafana cloud instance. It should be easy to reproduce, as you cannot save the check when the http header Origin contains something like
Also, if you can correct the title of my post to “Synthetic …”, that would be nice.

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Just to close the loop. The issue has been resolved in Grafana Cloud. Thank you.