Table Visualization - Looking for a way to display a single row - using query_range under the covers

We would like to have the list of elements in a table be limited to a single value for a time series but use use query_range?query= . . . under the covers instead of query?query= . . .

Table query (non instant)
query_range?query=sum(rate(istio_requests_total{app=~“foo”,}[2m])) by (app) &start=1556792100&end=1556879400&step=900"
–> This gives the calculation we want but multiple rows / entity

Table query (instant)
query?query=sum(rate(istio_requests_total{app=~“foo”,}[2m])) by (app)&time= 1556879155"
–> This gives one row / entity, but this is not the calculation we want.