Tag queries only show single source

Im using the telegraph ping input to graph response times for multiple destinations per host and each host has different destinations. Each destination has the tag “url” in influxdb. I can graph just fine if I statically set which url tag to use. But I need to dynamically query for all urls for each host.

My url tag query works fine in influxdb and returns results for all url tags associated with a given host.

Working off another query (from the telegraph dashboard template) it will only show one url on the graph. I need it to combine each url for that host into a single graph. Hope that makes sense.

here is the query I am using:

SELECT non_negative_derivative(mean("average_response_ms"),1s) FROM "ping" WHERE "host" =~ /^$server$/ AND "url" =~ /(\d+)\.(\d+)\.(\d+)\.(\d+)/ AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($interval) fill(none)

which gives me this graph of one url:

and the reference query that graphs multiple queries:

SELECT non_negative_derivative(mean(bytes_recv),1s)*8 as "in"  FROM "net" WHERE host =~ /$server/ AND interface =~ /(vlan|eth|bond|vmbr|ens).*/ AND interface !~ /veth/ AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($interval), * fill(none)

Im not sure what Im missing here. Any help would be much appreciated.

Oh and this is Grafana version 4.0.2

You need to group by a tag to get a series per tag, InfluxDB query basics :slight_smile:

The second query has group by time and the a wildcard which makes InfluxDB to group by all tags

Ah! missed that. Thank you!

That got it.