Template for Networkstatistics

Hi everyone,

i try to create a template for Networkstatistics for more interfaces statistics like packet error or troughbuth in and out.

i have made a template where the user can select the Host and the metrics associated to the host.

for every interface i have always the same 6 different metrics.

I would give the user the possibility to select only the interface and i would show oll the statistics about the selected interface. the name of the Interface is present in the name of the metric also

i.e. ge-0/0/1::check_interface::BpsIn or ge-0/0/1::check_interface::BpsOut

and i would to extract the name of the interface from the metric and show this (ge-0/0/1) to the user and in the panels i would show all the metrics about this interface

How can I do this?

many many thanks

Can you explain it again :smiley:

I usually use it


i will try again an make an example

Icinga writes the statistics of the interfaces of a switch in a Influxdb. Any interface has i.e 6 different statistics value like input, outpu or Errors and the switch has 24 ports
I will now create a dashboard in grafana where the user can select the hostname and the interface of the switch. The user should only select the interface and in the panlets he can see all the statistics of this interface togheter.

I hope I have been clearer now

many many thanks

Yes. No problem.
If you want to select the hostname and the interface of the switch. You can use Templating in Setting.

And result:


I hope it can help you :smiley: