Templated variable on "Now delay" setting


I had a dashboard with “Now delay” set with a templated variable (Grafana 4.4.1). As far I remember, it was working.
After an upgrade to Grafana 4.4.3, the dashboard does not work anymore.

Cannot read property ‘subtract’ of undefined

Is it possible to set a templated variable on “Now delay” ?

you mean you have used a variable in the now delay field?

well… kind of.
a coworker said it had a working dashboard with a templated variable set on “now delay”, and that this dashboard stopped working after the Grafana update.

I just wanted to figure out if it was supposed to work (the dash board with the “now delay” configured with a templated variable). I didn’t find anything saying that it should (or that it shouldn’t) work in the documentation.

Sorry if it is a silly question.