Trouble understanding the structure of Grafana Plugins

So me, and my friends, are trying to delve into the world of Grafana plugins, by experimenting with them, say like trying to integrate Leaflet in a different manner, integrating i18n libraries, and so on.

The problem is, while it is stated that Grafana is in both Angular and React and is constantly migrating to React, I still don’t understand the structure of its plugins.

What I mean is that, when I wanted , for example, to add an i18n library to the “simple-react-panel”, I couldn’t figure out where can I find the ReactDOM render, or when I wanted to see if I can modify existing plugins, I couldn’t install anything because there wasn’t a package.json file, so the structure of the plugins got me off.

I’d be grateful if I can get some insights on this matter, and thank you.

I am a Grafana newbie as well, but I have noticed several questions like this without good answers, so I thought I’d share my current thinking on this. The Polystate plugin sits in its own repo, and it incorporates D3.js. Even though it’s in Angular, the concepts behind the build should be similar.