Trying to change the order of repeating panels in a single row

Is there a way to change the order with which multiple repeating panels render? I’m trying to get a view similar to munin where each graph is in a row and essentially the columns reflect a single server. Currently the behavior appears to be all the panels in a row are rendered for the first server selected and then for the next server. I realize I can make a row for every single panel and achieve what I’m describing, but then I have to collapse multiple rows to hide graphs from a similar group like nginx or network.

Alternately, is there a way to make a row of rows so I can collapse multiple rows of panels quickly?


What does your query look like? There is an example on the demo site - that sounds like what you are trying to do but I think I don’t understand exactly what you mean. Can you show an example screenshot?

I loaded up this Telegraf based dashboard and selected two servers. The first row, SUMMARY, is a good example. It has three graphs defined by these queries:
Uptime: SELECT last(“uptime”) AS “value” FROM “system” WHERE “host” =~ /$server$/ AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($interval)
Disk space: SELECT mean(“free”) AS “value” FROM “disk” WHERE “host” =~ /$server$/ AND “path” = ‘/’ AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($interval)
Memory available: SELECT mean(“available_percent”) AS “value” FROM “mem” WHERE “host” =~ /$server$/ AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($interval)

Upon selecting a second host, the row renders out uptime, disk, and memory for server A and then the same three panels for server B. I’d like to be able to have this rendered as uptime for server A then B, disk for A and then B, and memory for A then B. This way I end up with two columns and the columns are server A and sever B.

This is what I currently see.


Are you using row repeat or panel repeats or both at the same time?

Just panel repeats. I can doctor up a screenshot to show exactly what I’m looking for if that helps. What I’m seeing is the panel repeats, assuming two repeating panels in a row, is both panels are rendered for Server A and then both for Server B. I’m looking for Server A Panel 1, then Server B Panel 1, then Server A Panel 2 and Server B Panel 2.

Again, I realize I can do this if I make one repeating panel per row, but that means I can’t collapse all the network graphs or other grouping of panels in one click.

A repeating panel will always be inserted after itself, you cannot have multiple repeated panels on a row, or mix one row with different repeated panels (or non repeated panels)

I’m confused by your statement because it appears to contradict what I’m seeing with regard to having multiple repeated panels on a row. In the screenshot I posted last night, there are three repeating panels in a single row. When I select a second server, all three panels are repeated in the same row. Given your statement, are we looking at unexpected behavior or just a bug?


I am not sure what you mean.

Panel repeats are designed for one panel being repeated per row (so no other panel on the row, hence the min-span option and the auto span handling so the panels fill the whole row).


That might be the whole problem. There is nothing stopping me from creating two panels in the same row and making both repeating. It sounds like this “feature” in unintentional and not supported.