Two grafana servers with single sqlite3 databse on NFS

Is it safe to deploy Grafana on two different servers and point the grafana.db file to the shared NFS share?

I don’t think that’s a good idea if both grafana servers are active at the same time since it could corrupt the database.
If you want to have a HA setup I strongly suggest you use mysql/postgre.

According to sqlite documentation it should not corrupt the database:
"Multiple processes can have the same database open at the same time. Multiple processes can be doing a SELECT at the same time. But only one process can be making changes to the database at any moment in time, however."

I just want to understand if grafana does anything which won’t be safe (say non transactional writes, e.t.c.)

I didn’t know that.

Looking at the docs for sqlite it seems all operations will end up in a transaction regardless if grafana starts one.
“No changes can be made to the database except within a transaction. Any command that changes the database (basically, any SQL command other than SELECT) will automatically start a transaction if one is not already in effect. Automatically started transactions are committed when the last query finishes.”

That said… We are not experts in sqlite or NFS. We have only tested sqlite accessed from one instance.

NOT SAFE - A SQLite DB should not be shared from an NFS share, corruption/ data integrity issues will ensue. SQLite is excellent, NFS is the issue. You might have better luck with WebDAV/SabreDAV with full lock support enabled, but I have not tried it.

Reference - search for NFS:


Thank you for clarifying.

According to these links sqlite is using fcntl. In modern Linux Kernels the fcntl on NFS should be safe:

After two weeks of testing it looks good so far

Update: it is not safe, the database got corrupted after some time returning “cannot start a transaction within a transaction” error

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