Use Grafana for Bidirectional Applications?

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I searched the community for this but couldn’t find anything relevant. I am interested in using Grafana for my opensource project FaradayRF. I will be showing real-time telemetry and other items of interest. However, I also would need to command with the dashboard/UI. Is it even possible for Grafana to do this? That is, the software I have currently support HTTP POST requests which can do things like turn on an IO channel and update internal settings.

I built a SimpleUI for basic proof of concept but want to move towards Grafana or similar. We end up using the technology for some cool projects/missions.No issue if I need to write plugins and such. However I do want to know if it’s even worth investigating. Any confirmation if this is a road worth going down would be helpful. As always, my code would be opensource and on our GitHub account.
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It is definitely possible. There is a plugin for administrating an InfluxDB data source that is similar in that it allows you to execute queries and insert data into the db: There are a couple of apps that also do more than just querying data:

Grafana plugins are just JavaScript so they can do anything a webapp can do.

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