User roles inheritance in Grafana 5

Hi, we are going to upgrade to version 5 but we have plenty of users in the Read-Only Editor role. As I see, this role doesn’t exist any longer in Grafana 5.
What will be the role of those users after we upgrade Grafana to version 5? Will we need to edit their roles manually?

Oh interesting - could you explain a bit more about how you use read-only editor? We thought that it was just and similar demo sites that used it.

The read-only editor role is replaced by the viewers-can-edit config setting in 5.0:

And all read-only editors will be migrated to be viewers:

Thank you, Danielle.
We preferred that role to protect dashboards from inexperienced users. The Viewer’s role has too limited permissions. It wasn’t possible to apply time range overrides, for example. Moreover, there was only one way (before Grafana 5) to copy text from a panel – in the edit mode.