Using a VLOOKUP type feature to rename label values

We have metrics in prometheus that have label values of ‘ABC123’, ‘ABC234’, ABCDEF’ which we want to convert to nice names such as ‘Foo’, ‘Bar’, ‘Baz’. We use the label_values function to create a variable and then another variable that sends the list to a simple json datasource that returns the nice names - and this works for one level - but we run into challenges if we chain them - selecting ‘Foo’ from that variable doesnt set ABC123 in the original - and we built a further reverse lookup to get back - but then started running onto an issue where rather than a list of values we only get the first one passed to the next variable …
Also we have to save the original variable with a default of All to get the first translation to drop down all the nice names.

Ideally i was after a simple ‘VLOOKUP’ like excel function for menus and for panel names etc.

We looked at the sql datasource that seems to have a value and text but i dont think it will do much more than we have right now as the origin of the data if the prometheus label values.

Have we missed a trick?

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