Using both Real time and Continuous query effectively in grafana


I am happy with both Influx and grafana for more than one year. But suddely I am facing memory issues so that I need to do something to sort it out. I found the best way is creating CQ’s and using it for history data.

I am trying to do some automations in grafana and influxDB. Currently I am using realtime measurements to show both history and real time data(Not using CQ created measurements). Due to this sometime Its taking lots of time and memory to query history data. So I want to use CQ measurements for history data. But If i use CQ measurement (for example group by every 30 mins), i may loss last half an hour data. If I use non CQ measurement, there is no such problems.

Hope I am clear. So what is the best practice to do this? Using same old non CQ measurements(memory issues)? or using CQ measurements(losing group by range data) or using both depending on the time range the user wants to see(bit complex to do automatically)? Or is there any merge like queries where I can use both the CQ and Non CQ measurements in the same query for panel?

Hi - did you get anywhere with this? We are having the same challenges.