Webservices Monitoring

Hi Team,

Is there any way we can monitor individual SOAP and REST Services (HTTPS) ?


Yes, that’s what Graphite, Prometheus and InfluxDB are for (and there are loads of other alternatives open source and closed source). Are you currently using any of these or another Time Series database? And can you provide more details please. This is such an open question that it is hard to give an answer.

Hi Daniel,

We are currently doing POC to understand whether all our requirements are covered by Grafana and related data sources. We have close to individual SOAP and REST services hosted ( 500 approx). One of the requirements is to monitor these services for availability which should be possible by plug-ins, datasources. Another requirement is to make sure these services are available functionally. (means we fire some dummy requests to get response from multiple backends). (like SOAP UI). is this possible? Please let me know if the question is not clear.

This is definitely possible. A tool like Prometheus is built for scenarios like this. It is also common to use more general time series database like Graphite and InfluxDB together with a collector of some sort (really depends on what OS you are on etc.). InfluxDB has its own collector Telegraf while Graphite works well together with lots of tools like CollectD or StatsD. There are loads more tools than these out there.

But I’m not an expert on what is best for you, I work on building Grafana rather than using all the different tools in the ecosystem - I have mostly used Graphite with CollectD and StatsD.

I should also mention our tool worldPing for monitoring uptime from all over the world: https://worldping.raintank.io/

Hello, I’m going to relaunch the subject :
I work in a company that has just installed Telegraf, influx DB… It is set up in the enterprise to monitor processors, RAM, available hard disk space, databases.

I am asked (as a developer of Web Services SOAP) to find a Telegraph plugin (or at worst a Prometheus plugin) that allows to call every hour for example my differents WebService to find out if they respond. and ideally make calls (always the same) on each WebService .

–> Could someone tell me what to install? Because aside from this post, I have found nothing that talks about Tick/Grafana and the Web services SOAP

Thanks in advance very much for your help.

Maybe this plugin for Telegraf?

Hi Danielle,

the plugin you provided show HTTP responses, what about web service IIS logs

For logs, you have a couple of options. It depends on what you are using already. You can save logs in with the following open source databases: InfluxDB, Elasticsearch or Loki (which especially makes sense if you are already using Prometheus).