Week as grannularity in graph

Hi. I’ve just discovered Grafana and started building my first dashboard. I wish to create a dashboard to display current workload in our warehouse. Ive created a graph that shows a snapshot on the orders being processed during the day and that was quite straigtforward. Now I also want to show the current workload in a historical context. Ive created a table that contains the average orders processed per week during the last three years. Now I want to show a graph with three lines (one per year 2018, 2019, 2020) showing the average orders processed per week (between 300 and 1100). So the X axis should show 1 to 52 for each week of the year and the Y axis should show the average amount and one line per year to compare. This is a time-series so I think it should be possible to create this in Grafana but can’t see how to set the time serie to weeks - is that not possible?