What is the setting to chose a dashboard X as the main dashboard?

I’m trying to find how to set (via JS so I’m looking for the field) a dashboard as main dashboard. I mean when I go to Grafana I have this view:

And I want to have one dashboard when I go on http://myGrafanaUrl:3000

So how can I set in JSON that I starred the dashboard ?

It is not set in json the home dashboard is a property on the organisation or user profile (and saved in Grafana’s database).

User Profile page
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For the dashboard to appear in the selection dropdown it must first be starred. Starred is also not a property in the json but an http action (check the api call the UI makes when you star a dashboard to see what the HTTP call looks like)

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Yes I have figured out that we could do it like this, but there are no way to use JSON and the API to make it ?

If you first save the dashboard via the HTTP API, then star it using the the /api/user/stars/dashbords/:id call, then you can update your user preferences using preferences http api: http://docs.grafana.org/http_api/preferences/

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Thank you for this really nice answer !