Where can I find a DataSource to learn Grafana?

Hi there,

I didn’t find any topic with this support then I’m going to ask for help here.

I’d like to study the Grafana to see if I can use the application on my university’s project. I don’t have any source yet, there is one that I can use the data from it in my panel on Grafana?

Thank you and sorry if my question is so simple.

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Hi! Can you explain, what exactly you want? Write custom data source for your application? Or just collect data from it and display in Grafana?


Just collect data from any data source.

You can take a look at any data source Grafana supported. For instance, Graphite, InfluxDb, or any other.


I will try it.

Thank you so much Alexander.

The screencasts are the way to go with learning Grafana for new users: