Where do I create a New Probe?

From github page:

"To run your own private probe follow these steps.

Add the new probe via the raintank portal.
navigate to the probes page then click on the “New Probe” button at the top right of the screen.
enter a unique name for the probe and click the “add” button."

I’ve installed WorldPing on our local Grafana installation and paid for a Basic subscription.

Q: Where do I find the page to add a “New Probe”?
Q: When configuring the Probe, per the github page linked above, do I put the raintank.io addresses in, in the config of the installed probe? I assume the wss part allows access back through my firewall, and I don’t need to point to MY Grafana installation behind a firewall?

log-level = 2
name =
server-url = wss: worldping-api.raintank.io/
tsdb-url = https: /tsdb-gw.raintank.io/
api-key =


Found it


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