Working with grafana and home assistant history

I have implemented Grafana and with home assistant i grab my history data power consumption, production and gas, which is from my smartmeter and the module DSMR.

within grafana i was managed to get the correct data for Gas. But sofar i am not able to get the accurate data for day, yesterday and complete month for example.

I have tried several options (sum count time etc) but with no luck.

Is there anyone who has managed to achieve this?

thanks for your help

Not sure what you need help with? Can you elaborate? We know nothing if home assistant or how you collect the data or store it so it’s very hard to answer your question as there is no info on what data source you use, how your data is structured and exactly what data you want to show

Hi torkel, thanks for your answer.

I will try to explain.

With home assistant i can get my power production and power consumption out of my smartmeter. I implemented influxdb which stores that data in his database. With grafana i would use these information to get nice graphics.

the data in influxdb is what home assistant history is collecting. and i see that part is working.

with that said, i cant get the right numbers out of influx as it looks like.

Ok the thing that stores the data in influxdb did you write it? Maybe ask them otherwise. Or read influxdb query docs.