WorldMap plug-in: How do you contol the size of the middle-range dots?

Hello folks,

Take a look at the following chart, shown by the WorldMap plug-in.

The data shown on it ranges from 1 (e.g., Spain) to 1019 (USA). The smallest circle size is configured to be 5, the largest is 30. My problem is that the blue dots (range 10-100) have about the same radius as the green dots (range 0-10). Look, for instance, at the green dot of Japan (data there is 3), which is about as big as the blue dot of South Korea (data there is 28). I’d like the middle-range dots to be really visibly middle-sized.

I tried increasing or reducing the radius of the smaller-range dots, and I’ve tried changing the boundaries of the ranges from 10/100/100+ by increasing either the lower range or the middle one, and I still can’t get the desired effect.

Any suggestions?

The size of the dots is hard coded in the plugin. I’m sure that the simple algorithm for calculating the relative size of circles could be improved but there is no easy way for you to control it unfortunately.

will this solve the dot size?