About Grafana Graph acquisition graphics discontinuous problems

When we use your software services, seem to find a problem. Problem description is as follows: Grafana collect Zabbix interface flow diagram, is intermittent data loss phenomenon. But according to our observation,
Zabbix statistics, there is no loss of data sampling. The question now is whether Grafana Graph discontinuous problems occurred. Screenshots, please help to help to solve this problem.

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Can you show your query?

hi Alexaderzobnin,
Please see the screenshot pictures.
Thank you!

hi Alexaderzobnin,
Zabbix and Grafana is running on a Linux , the question now is, Zabbix found no acquisition of discontinuous problems, but Grafana acquisition will be collected data of discontinuity.

The problem seems very difficult.
In addition, I try to upgrade Grafana, the problem is still not solved.

Can you try to use connected line instead of bars?

Hi Alexanderzobnin,
Seems to be no use of lines from the chart on a discrete sampling problem, but why use bars will be discontinuous collection, please let me know this is what reason is caused, thank you!

You should check data which Zabbix API returns. I think a problem is on the Zabbix side.

But the test result is normal, I how to troubleshoot the problem, please?

Hi Alex,
This has something to do with Grafana zabbix API application value, because of these programs is that you write.The question now, Zabbix itself history graphic discontinuous didn’t happen.Only Grafana Zabbix Graph using the bars will appear this kind of circumstance.
Hope you can see my reply, this problem seems very difficult.
Thank you!
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You should check for result of history.get API query. Try it on short time interval which includes gaps. I think Zabbix API returns data with gaps, but I’m not sure, so you should check it.