Alerts Notification to Slack URL link


I’m experiencing an issue with alert notifications in Slack channels. Each notification includes a link that directs to AlertManager, where the alert is configured. However, as I’m using Grafana Cloud, I don’t have access to the AlertManager interface. That’s why I want to change the URL to point directly to the triggered alert.

I’m using Mimir or Loki Alerts, and I can’t find the necessary labels to complete the alert URL. Currently, the URL format is as follows: https://grafana-cloud/alerting/DATASOURCE/cri%24DATASOURCE%24NAMESPACE%24GROUP%24-1958443341/view?returnTo=%2Falerting%2Flist

I’m specifically looking for the labels related to:

  • Datasource
  • AlertNamespace
  • AlertGroup
  • AlertId

Or I don’t know if there is any label that have the URL for the alert.

If anyone has experience with this and knows how to obtain these labels for Mimir or Loki Alerts in Grafana Cloud, I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance!