Annotations needs some love

yes, I know github issues exist, yes, life/releases have priorities, but, pretty please, looking to get annotations moving forwards from the useability perspective

annotations per panel
better ways to create & edit annotation data
(should they use grafana db or user db eg infuxdb)
nice somehow double click on graph to create a timestamped annotation
a way to delete annotation incorrectly entered
what can the anno tag hover highlight be used for . .

Most of the above is a ‘Spotlight’ I guess on data entry within grafana, stuff I have is real rough in ‘bandaid’ way

Go on tease us that something is underwraps …

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Yes, we definitely want to improve annotation support.

First on our list is to make it possible to create annotations from within Grafana. A lot of the ground work as been done on this already as alert state changes are fetched per panel as annotations. Alert state changes are using an internal “annotation repository” that was built to support user created annotations.

Can’t give you an ETA as it’s not on our immediate roadmap.