Apparent Memory Leak when using Playlists


Over the past couple of months, I’ve been running into an issue that so far appears to be a memory leak issue.

We have a fairly small playlist (5-10 dashboards) running on an Asus Chromebit on our TV, and it crashes (usually) multilpe times a day. Chrome runs out a memory, and sometimes it’s just the browser tab crashing, other times it’s the entire chromebit crashing and rebooting. As a temporary workaround, we’ve just been refreshing the page as it happens and trying to monitor system memory usage.

I’ve found a few other potentially relevant issues posted here and on Github, but none seem to be too helpful:

We’re using Grafana v5.0.2 (commit: f14ad74) with an InfluxDB data source, on a Chromebit running ChromeOS version 65.0.3325.184 (Official Bulid) (32-bit). No updates are currently available for the chromebit.

As far as we can tell, there haven’t been any particular dashboards that are causing a major hike in memory usage, nor a pattern of time when we can expect a crash (e.g. we can’t predict that it will crash every hour).

To address some of the questions posed in the earlier tickets, we use almost entirely graph panels in these dashboards, and we are not using template variables on the dashboards in the playlist. The chromebit is also only running the one browser tab with the playlist, and the only extension running in chrome is a keep-awake one.

Any idea what might be happening or some other ways to potentially troubleshoot this issue? If more information is needed, let me know.



Seems to have stopped happening. Still quite unsure what was actually causing it, but it hasn’t crashed in quite some time. Since making this post, have updated to v5.0.4