Authetication frontend

Hi everyone .

I would like to know how can I login in grafana when I’m using a embedded link in iFrame to connect . The case is in my corporate application there is some graphics shareds , but is necessary to login on grafana environment application to have access to see the graphics in my application.
So, I would like a way to develop this solution in my frontend .:

For example :

**<iframe src=“http://myapplication.corp/dashboard-solo/db/graphicXPTo?var-toolOrigin=All&panelId=1” width=“450” height=“200” frameborder=“0” **
API Authentiocation :cuey82hdqwudhoaDJHASUIDSAUIDH >

Tks for the help.
Regards, Pedro

Look into Grafana Authproxy

You need to configure the webserver that serves the iframe to pass the authentication header to Grafana.