Auto-refresh doesn't work when browser's tab is on background/not on the top of the screen

The new data are written to influxdb every 1 minute

  1. Create a new dashboard and add one or even several panels with several Graphs - doesn’t matter on the panel or graphs count.
  2. Configure it with Refreshing every: 2m
  3. Save Dashboard
  4. Keeps the dashboard on foreground/visible/on the top of the screen
  5. I can see the graph being update every 2 minutes as it should
  6. I open another tab or just fully cover it with a window of another app - simply the dashboard is on the background/not visible to me at all/not on the top of the screen
  7. I come back to the same Grafana dashboard and it hung on the old data - meaning the new data is not in the graph even tho it is in the influxdb
  8. I stay on the dashboard for at least 2 minutes (which is the auto-refresh interval) and BAM…it automatically updates.


  • Using Firefox 52.2 and before that I was using 48.0 or something. However it’s the same in both versions so this is NOT related to FF version.

  • I’m using it with influxdb but this doesn’t seem to be inflluxdb problem, read below.

  • Doesn’t matter what the auto-refresh interval is set to.

  • Before I used 4.1.1 and on that version I have NOT experienced this problem.

    [martin@ka0mo02ras07ndsw0v11 ~]$ grafana-server -v
    Version 4.2.0 (commit: 349f3eb)

Checking influxd.log it is apparent that there are NO select queries coming from Grafana which implies that Influxdb is not culprit here.

This is a feature rather than a bug :slight_smile:

HA, I was searching thru this forum and couldn’t find anything on this. And the answer was on github the whole time.
Okay, Thank you for response :slight_smile: