Automatic Sharing of Dashboard, pdf, png, img, link, sent to email

I would like to find out if there is a way to automate the sharing and sending of dashboards and their data on a scheduled basis. Such as, automated reporting.

Let me know if there is more detail required, new to grafana.



This would be a great feature to have

There is nothing built into Grafana for this yet. You can render dashboards and panels as png’s and there are users that build their own pdf’s using Latex or something similar and embed the images. I don’t know of any good examples, maybe someone else has something they can share?

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Forgot to mention this:

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It will be great to have a feature of scheduling snapshots and sending them to given mail ids as we send the alerts.


+1 for this feature. While generally we direct our teams to the dashboards for their information needs, there are certain senior managers that would prefer to have the report emailed to them. This is a reasonable request and re-inforces grafana as our metrics hub rather than forcing us to build secondary reporting tools / scripts.

+1 for this feature. snapshot and snapshot data should be captured automatically and API enabled for filters. Thank u.

I tried out a few months ago. I think it’s a great way to approach the task and works nicely for dashboards that contain a smaller number of large-ish graphs that need to be displayed in sequence - but in the end I found it unable to deal with more complex situations, especially where there are many smaller panels and their layout needs to be preserved.

In order to try to get a more “faithful” PDF reproduction, I’ve been experimenting with automated PDF export using Puppeteer. It loads the dashboard in a headless version of Chromium and “prints” it to a PDF - so the output is more or less the same as if you were to do a PDF export from your browser.

I’ve written up my proof-of-concept, and included some example output, here: It’s not a slam-dunk but so far looks promising. Would welcome any comments or ideas for improvement.


Tengo la versión 6.4.1 de grafana, este reporter o puppeteer funciona con todas las versiones?
Necesito pasar algun dashboard a pdf y solo encuentro estas dos maneras.

It would be a greate feature to have adding to the list also

I am using python script to create PDF using Grafana Dashboard ID’s and panel ID’s. But creating static HTML scripts for PDF pages is bit difficult for me here.

Can you help me in getting support for grafana-reporter?
I used the blog.
Who says to contact him for help but there is no contact info -
I also looked at IzakMarais reporter
but I do not see any support options there either.
I am running into a permissions error.
error fetching dashboard g08CgnSWz: error obtaining dashboard from Got Status 401 Unauthorized, message: {“message”:“Unauthorized”}


@astephens I think you’re missing an API key at the end of the URL

Login as admin go to the settings option and click the API keys tab and make a new one and append it to the url as shown above.

Cool - that did the trick!

Thanks much!

Can you show me your script?

On this subject, phantomjs is now inactive and I wanted ‘quick and dirty’ for some images to tweet, so I did this:


my $id = `xdotool search \"Mozilla\"`;
`xdotool windowactivate $id` ;
sleep 5; 
`import -window root image.png` ;
exit 0;

Basically, look for the Firefox window, bring it up and take a snapshot with imagemagick. Needs xdotool and imagemagick. This is v. inelegant, sorry, but I don’t need anything better, hope it helps someone else.

Anyone been able to do this using Grafana Cloud? I’ve tried a couple of the suggestions here, but I believe they’re getting hung up on Authentication which seems more robust in Cloud than running on a local instance. Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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