Bar Guage - Field Display name (MSSQL, No Data)

Hello all,

I am having trouble attempting to name the columns in the Bar Gauge. I have looked at the other relevant posts, but none of them seem to work as intended for me. I’ve tried $__cell_0, with and without {}, as well as the ${} settings as per documentation. When I try to use these I either get no data returned by the query, or nothing happens.


[Case].[StatusNumber] as status,
Count(*) as cnt
[CASEMANAGER].[dbo].[Case] where StatusNumber != 4
GROUP BY [Case].[StatusNumber]

I’ve probably done something wrong in my query. Currently, each row simply shows as cnt, I need it to display the status number by row.

Query Result:

status     cnt
1            3
2            4
3            21
5            11